New Multifocal Lens Implants
You can NOW enjoy the benefits of improving both near vision and far vision after cataract surgery! We offer our patients options for multifocal lens implants after cataract surgery to reduce dependence on glasses.
LASIK - Laser Eye Surgery New Hampshire
If you are seeking LASIK in New Hampshire our practice offers excellent quality and experienced LASIK surgeons. Call us today to get the REAL facts about lasik eye surgery.
Day of Surgery
  • On the day of surgery, come in to the laser center wearing loose comfortable clothing.

  • Do not wear any eye makeup.

  • Do not use any fragrance such as cologne, perfume, or after shave. The aromatic vapors can interfere with the laser beam !

  • Bring a driver to take you home following your treatment.

  • You will be given some Valium to take by mouth approximately 1 hour before your treatment to help you relax.

  • Once in the laser suite, you will be made comfortable lying down in a reclining operating chair with your head cushioned snugly for support.

  • You will receive several sets of very potent numbing eye drops.

  • An antiseptic solution will be used to cleanse the skin around the eyes.

  • A sterile drape will be placed around the lids to cover the eyelashes and to help provide a barrier against infection.

  • A lid speculum will be placed between your eyelids so that you won't have to worry about having to keep your eye open.

  • Your reclining chair/operating table will be positioned so that you will be looking up at the harmless red aiming beam of the laser while the surgeon makes the necessary adjustments. You will be encouraged to look up at the blinking red light of the aiming beam during most of the treatment.

  • The microkeratome will be seated on the eye using a suction ring. While the suction is building up, you will find that your vision will "grey out". During this time, you will not be able to see the blinking red light, and you will, instead, hear a buzzing sound as the microkeratome makes the flap.

  • Once the flap is completed, the suction is released, and you will once again be able to see the blinking red aiming beam of the laser.

  • The actual laser treatment will then take place. The laser makes a loud repetitive snapping sound for the prescribed amount of optical correction.

  • Once completed, the corneal flap is allowed to adhere in position (it was folded out of the way for the laser treatment) for several minutes.

  • Antibiotic as well as cortisone drops are applied following which your eye is checked under higher magnification at the slit lamp.

  • You will be given instructions regarding eye protection, eye drops, and activities prior to leaving the laser center. The flap needs to be protected at all times especially during the first week - eye shields while taking a shower, during sleep, etc.